Who Recognizes Stone River eLearning Certificates?

In a word: Everyone

The certificates we offer are a leap forward in certificate authenticity technology. This means that those who see your certificate can verify you know what you claim to know on your resume or CV. 

There are two main reasons our certificates are valuable to you in the search for a job or a promotion:


Employer Verification

When we issue you a certificate and you send that to an employer, that employer can digitally verify that you actually earned the certificate. 

When employers can effortlessly verify what you've learned they're much more likely to move your resume to the top of the pile. Those who simply list skills on a resume with no proof of learning won't be as appealing a candidate as you are. 

Proof of Learning

You can attach learning proof to our certificates in the form of exam grades, completed projects, coding examples, designs, websites, mobile apps - the list is endless. 

When an employer can review your portfolio of work you're more likely to get noticed, making that promotion or job interview that much closer to reality. 

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