Understanding Video Player Options

Our video player has various options you can change, but it may not be obvious how to get to them.

Right-click any video lecture to bring up the video player options.

About Our Video Player


By default, our player runs in HTML5. HTML5 is the optimal video player for cross platform compatibility, meaning it works across all desktop and mobile devices. 

There are only two settings on an HTML5 player

1. The streaming quality: You can increase or decrease streaming quality by choosing the quality you like, but by default our players are set to Auto. Auto allows us to determine the optimal streaming quality based on your internet connection speed.

2. Switch to Flash player


Flash is an older style of video player. It works well on PCs, but may not work on your mobile devices or your Mac computer. You can switch to the Flash player if you like by right-clicking a video and choosing 'Switch To Flash'. 

Flash settings: 

1. Auto HD: This setting allows us to determine the best streaming quality for you based on your internet connection speed

2. SD Only: Forces a lower resolution video to be sent to you (SD: Standard Definition)

3. HD Only: Forces a higher resolution video to be sent to you (HD: High Definition)

Pro Tip: When choosing a video streaming quality, higher numbers represent better quality. So 720p will produce a much clearer video than 360p. 


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