Password Reset Isn't Working

Ahhhh! The system isn't letting you log in! We've been there too. 


If you're password reset isn't working, these things are the likely culprit:

1. Your Reset Email Has Simply Not Arrived Yet

Personally it drives me nuts to wait for a password reset email, but it happens. Your password reset email may take up to 4 hours to appear in your inbox due to occasional heavy traffic on the login system. 

You can try refreshing your email inbox from time to time as well. 

2. ou May Not Be Enrolled On This Site

We have a sister site called Stone River Academy. Try logging in there to see if that's where you're enrolled. 


3. Your UserName May Be Incorrect

Your UserName on this site is the email address you signed up with.

If you do not receive a Password Reset Email, your email address may not be in our system. 

If you're sure you're using the right email address, please contact us directly and we'll sort this out for you. You can open a ticket by clicking 'Submit a Request' at the top of this page.


4. You May Not Be Registered

Sometimes students believe they registered, but for some reason or another registration has not occurred. 

a. Try registering for an account with the email address you believe you used to register. If an account has been registered with that address you will be notified of that when you click the 'Sign Up' button.

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